Our Story

The story of LifeStone International

  • In May 2011, nineteen strangers met in Haiti during a mission trip. Among all of the hurting people and kids we met, one orphanage stood out struggling to survive.
  • Their “house” was a 500 sq. ft. storage unit reeking of urine and containing mold. They did not have clean water, electricity, toilets, showers, proper food, clean clothes or shoes.
  • These 20 plus children needed help and we answered God’s calling in obedience. We returned to the USA with a desire not to let this be just a short term mission trip.
  • A team from the trip formed a non-profit to support the kids…. And LIFEstone was born in 2011…. four strangers from diverse backgrounds brought together by God for an amazing journey!

The Inspiration Behind Our Name

The inspiration and imagery for our name, “LifeStone” comes from the piles of rocks and stones we saw on the streets of Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. During our 2011 mission trip, we met Br. Moses who had piles of rocks dug out and he shared with us his dream of building his home with the rocks.

Sometimes we may feel useless, a rock in a big pile of debris, but God has a purpose. Our lives are similar to those rocks; but Jesus came and dug us out of the dirt we were in, and called us for a life in HIM (John 1:4), and be built up in HIM (1 Peter 2:5), as living stones!