Foyer Renovation d’ Haiti (FRH) 

Orphanage in Thomassin, Haiti

The Foyer Renovation d’ Haiti (translation: Renovation House of Haiti) orphanage has 25 children. LifeStone provides money for housing, food, education, medical care and spiritual teaching every month under the care of Sister Lounia and Brother Jean Calixte.


They conduct a school within the walls of the house providing education to the children of the orphanage, as well as other neighbourhood children. They have benefited from extracurricular English classes, and vocational training in construction, sewing, gardening, and embroidery. The children also receive visits from US and Canada teams and friends that travel with LifeStone mission trips.

Mission Evangelique Des Coeurs Unis

Orphanage in Soliette, Haiti

Soliette is a very small village way out in the rural country where life is extremely difficult. Pastor Vragne Liberus first went to Soliette Haiti in 2004 just after a major flood devasted local families and left many children on their own to survive.

The construction of the two orphanage buildings started in early 2016 and the two buildings will provide basic housing needs and much hope for 20-25 vulnerable children and caretakers.  Progress in building the orphanage has been slow due to funds, road access through mountainous terrain and Hurricane Matthew that struck Haiti in late 2016.  The work is moving forward and it could also provide some jobs for the locals to help the orphanage once it is completed.