Mission Trips

Being a part of a short-term mission trip to Haiti is a life changing experience. All that is required is a heart to serve!

Your presence and passion and will make an amazing impact in one of the poorest countries in the world. You will see much poverty – overwhelming poverty. You might feel at a loss as to how to cope with it. We encourage you to look beyond the poverty. You will see the riches of Haiti in her people, their great faith and reliance on God. You’ll see the strength and determination in the daily struggle for survival.

We know that your time spent in Haiti will be a rich and meaningful spiritual experience. You’ll see the beauty of God’s creation in the land and experience the joy of fellowship with the people. We invite you to join us on a trip- you will be a blessing and you will in turn be blessed!

We will help you prepare for the trip with practical guidance and prayerful reflection.  We lead mission trips to:

  • Serve orphans and vulnerable children
  • Minister to local communities and churches
  • Help with local projects
  • Build spiritual foundation
  • Encourage in-country team
  • Reinforce our friendships